Modern Midwifery

with Traditional Roots

Naomi O’Callahan, MSM, LM, CPM, Serenity Quiggle, MSM, LM & Emilie Jenkins, MSM, LM

This deeply spiritual work...

of transforming woman to mother in the smallest inklings of strength to the highest beings of Self.

From this smallest seed of conception to the vast galaxies of birth, parenthood, & life.

This is our work, and our commitment to the families we serve.

Vancouver Community

We pause...

Vancouver WA Water Birth

for wonder.

to take in the importance of being born.

Vancouver water birth

to see and learn and access the ancient knowledge of mother and child.

Vancouver Midwife for Home Birth

for the shedding of outer things to focus on the inner.

for life’s beginning from first heart beat to first breath.

Vancouver WA Water Birth

to hold each other in the glorious, messy, gritty, miracle of birth.

Home Water Birth

for families, for those who birth from their heart & those who support them.

Sibling Home Birth

for sisters and brothers, as these young bonds form in quiet soft lights and gentle arrivals of the one who titles them “Big.”