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Growing tiny humans is amazing! You spend 9 months growing an entire other person. What happens before they are done cooking matters. Learn how VCM supports you in pregnancy. 

Water birth

Holy moly! Tiny humans come out of our bodies and we live to tell the tale. Isn't that miraculous? Learn how VCM cares for you on your big day. 

Well shoot, now what? So much time is spent thinking about the pregnancy and birth, we tend to forget to spend any energy thinking about the "After". Learn how VCM supports you in the tender postpartum period.

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You are Vegan. You eat meat. You love scary movies and comedies. You are young. You are old. You are something in-between. You gaze at the stars and think about your ancestors. You have a big body. You have a small body. You have something in-between. (You just definitely need to have a body.) You laugh so hard sometimes that a little pee comes out. You know that you deserve care during the childbearing year that is gracious, evidence-based and kind. You believe that babies, whether in the womb or earthside, are sentient beings that deserve respect and kindness. You know down deep to your core that birth is a natural event that can occur at home, but are willing to accept help from docs and hospitals when needed. You might drop eff bombs at inopportune times. You are straight or gay or something in-between. Or none of the above. You are a dog, cat or chicken person. (You do get extra brownie points if you love Goldendoodles). You are an anarchist and non-conformist. You are a rule follower. You are religious. You are an atheist.You are something in-between. You are blown away by the miracle of life and can't believe that you get to make a person. You are slowly warming up to your pregnancy. You aren't always excited about your pregnancy. This is your first kid. This is your fifth kid. You are partnered. You are single. You have a sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously. 

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Vancouver Community Midwives

VCM Midwives

Vancouver Community Midwives

We are vegetarian. We eat meat. We definitely eat chocolate. We used midwives for most of our births. We have had homebirths. We have birthed cesarean. We gaze at the stars and remember the midwives that came before us and seek their guidance. We believe in, and practice, evidence-based medicine. We know that plant medicine and good food have the power to keep us healthy and grow strong babies. We laugh so hard sometimes that a little pee comes out. We recognize that there are huge maternal health disparities for People of Color and LGBTQ communities and we are committed to addressing those disparities in Vancouver. We are straight, gay and something in-between. We all have big bodies. We believe that every person should be an active participant in their healthcare choices. We believe that "Shared-Decision Making" isn't just a snazzy tag-line, but rather the foundation of midwifery care. We believe that laughter and love are an important part of being healthy. We think that babies rock and are sentient beings with a soul. We believe that birth is a normal, natural and family centered event. We are grateful for the nurses, docs and hospitals for those few times that it is not. We are interested in bridge-building in our community. We think that Vancouver is the best place to live in the whole world.​ We have a wicked sense of humor and don't take ourselves too seriously. 

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