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Naomi O'Callaghan, MSM, LM, CPM 

Licensed Midwife, OWner

Woman, Mom, wife, Midwife, goldendoodle enthusiast, herb nerd

 These are things that I hold dear:

  • Laughter, genuineness and kindness
  • Family, friends, collaboration, building community, eating delicious food
  • Courage to be vulnerable, willingness to learn
  • Birth, the smell of amniotic fluid in the morning, strong birth songs, midnight magic
  • VBAC and cesarean parents
  • Plant medicine, herb gardens, forest magic
  • Independence and autonomy
  • Singing loudly in the car and embarrassing my kids
  • Reproductive justice
  • Saturday night scary movies, Sunday morning snuggles, slowing down and being still

Washington Licensed Midwife

master of Science,


Bastyr University

licensed Midwife (LM)

Certified professional Midwife (CPM)

Clinical herbalist

Specializing in Botanical Medicine for the Childbearing Year 

Certified Nurse Midwife

Betsy smith, msm, cnm 

Certified N​urse Midwife 

Grandma, old hippie

These are things that I hold dear:

  • Family, furry friends, people along my path ,good and bad but especially the good ones
  •  Life itself
  • Memories visited with a longtime friend
  • Humor
  • First breathes and last breathes
  • My Divine Source
  • All my loves won and lost 
  • Freedom and equality
  • Music
  • Popcorn, rolos and a good movie
  • Glass fusion

master of Science,


Case Western University

certified nurse midwife (cnm)

clinical hypnotherapy 


Calm birth meditation instructor

Serenity Quiggle, Student Midwife

Parent, Student, awkward introvert, nature nerd

These are things that I hold dear:

  • My 3 kiddos, my family & my friends
  • The steady rhythm of a baby's heartbeat
  • Reconnecting with myself in the forest
  • Being present during a new human's first breath
  • Botanical medicine
  • LGBTQIA families and equity
  • Crocheting random things like uteruses
  • Henna art
  • Being still and enjoying the energy around me
  • Continually learning
  • My teenagers pausing to give me a hug

Bastyr Student Midwife

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