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COVID-19 and Considering Home B​irth

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in pregnant people considering switching to home birth. Community-based midwifery care and birth are well suited to serve families during a pandemic because our clients have less exposure to waiting rooms, hospitals, and only see one provider during visits and two providers during your birth. Our midwifery community is doing everything we can to increase our capacity to absorb the volume of new clients, and tailor our care to support folks who are now choosing to birth at home.

There is an important distinction to make when deciding the type of care you want and ultimately where you choose to give birth. Choosing community-based midwifery care and a home birth comes from a place of love and empowerment. Families have done the research and come their own conclusion that home birth is a safe option for them. Choosing the birth place cannot be not be a fear-based decision. We are simply not just "not a hospital birth." We have never, nor will we, try to sell anyone on having a home birth. We certainly can have discussions on what our training looks like, what the evidence surrounding the safety of home birth, what medications we bring and what we do if an emergency arose. But it is ultimately up to you define what you consider to be safe and low risk. We have our screening criteria as well and we will not take someone who is not appropriate for our care. Community-based midwifery care serves low-risk people who believe that:

  • Birth is a natural process that needs little to no intervention
  • The birthing persons body is made to do this, that they have everything they need within themselves to walk the labor/birth path, that they are powerful
  • Birth is a family-centered event
  • Midwives are the most appropriate care providers for birth for low-risk healthy people

If you were planning a hospital birth and you had already subscribed to above philosophies surrounding birth, then you are probably a good candidate for a home birth. If you are here solely because of the strict "1 person " rule that is in place at Legacy Salmon Creek or Peace Health South West, then we urge to really reconsider home birth and and reflect on what your birth experience could be if you were in a place where you didn't feel safe. If your trust lies in nurses, doctors and hospitals, then that is where you should be. If your trust lies in the power of birthing people, the normalcy of birth and midwifery care, then you might be a good candidate for home birth.

Here is a fantastic article regarding families switching to home birth. 

New Covid-19 Protocols


Masks are required for office visits for everyone over age 5. It's the law and its our biggest gun fighting COVID 19. If you don't have a mask, we will gladly give you one. If you don't like masks, we can give you a face shield.

Masks are not required in the home setting or during birth.


For office visits, please leave kids at home if you can. We have removed all toys and they will bored silly and potentially will drive you nuts. If you have to bring them, we understand, but be sure to bring your own toys.


Support people matter. Whether it is your partner, sister, mother or bestie, this journey to parenthood does not happen in a bubble by yourself. While we encourage family support during this time, we ask that you limit the number of support people that you bring to office visits. At births, we ask that you be mindful about the number of people you invite.



Washington Department of Health

Clark County Public Health

Evidence Based Birth