Home Birth or Birth Center?

Your choice of birth space with our midwives!

VCM has the pleasure of being able to serve families desiring to birth at home or the Bridge Birth Center.

The choice of where to give birth is a deeply personal one. It's about comfort, trust, support & more. We will help you discern the right birth space for your growing families.

Vancouver WA home water birth midwives

Your Home Birth Option

People choose to give birth in their home for a variety of reasons. Being in the comfort of your own home can allow you to sink into a place of vulnerability and unselfconsciousness that can help you do the work of labor and birth in an empowering way. Being in your own space encourages you to listen to your intuition and move you body mindfully to birth your baby. At home, you are able to have the support of friends and family as you see fit.

Your Birth Center Option

Vancouver’s only freestanding birth center offers all the comforts of birthing at home, without it actually being in your home. Equipped with all the tools for safe, low risk births, birth centers are your home-away-from-home. Comfortable beds and large tubs for both labor and birth help create a cozy environment to welcome your little one. Families and other support people are encouraged to wear masks while in the birthing room and are required to wear masks while in the kitchen and other public spaces.

Fully equipped for whatever your birth may need, BBC offers three unique and private birth suites. Each suite holds a luxurious birthing tub, a spacious shower, and cozy beds so you can dance through labor in your own unique way. Located in the Minnehaha neighborhood in Vancouver, BBC is centrally located.

Vancouver WA Birth Center midwife with newborn baby