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Naomi O'Callaghan, MSM, CPM

Licensed Midwife

Clinical Herbalist 

The Call is heard 

      As I lay on the operating table, ready for my baby to be cut out of me, I heard a loud resounding “No! This is NOT how birth should be!” coming from deep down inside me and I knew at that moment that I had been lied to and this was NOT how birth was supposed to be. I birthed cesarean that day, amidst the chatter of the birth team, the bright lights and the beeps of the machine. I was 22 years old, scared and excited, surrounded by loving family, yet all alone. This profound birth experience led me down the path of Midwifery for I knew that there had to be a better way to birth. 

      I went on to have two VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean), one at the hospital and one at home.The care that I received during those pregnancies was astounding and inspirational. I was listened to and they held space for my hopes and fears, my dreams, my anxious nervous ramblings and welcomed my rambunctious family at every turn. I thought to myself "This is a pretty sweet job! How do I sign up?"  I dreamed of becoming a midwife, but the three tiny humans needed me and I decided that midwifery would have to wait for a bit. 

A long journey 

   While my kiddos were little, I went on to work as a doula, CBE, placenta encapsulation specialist, labor tub technician and birth assistant. Once they were older and more independent, I was able to return to my dream of becoming a midwife and was accepted at Bastyr University and graduated with my master of Science in Midwifery in 2018. My clinical time there included rotations at a busy high volume free standing birth center Puget Sound Birth Center  , a rural CNM home/hospital birth practice Birth and Family Midwifery  and a rural health clinic Cowlitz family Health Center . 

Why I do this: Part 1

 Tiny humans are amazing

 It is absolutely amazing! Two people come together, mush their body parts together (although not always, shout out to single parents by choice and same-sex couples), and voila! There is magically an entire other person! And thanks to genetics and grace, most of the time, the eyes go where they are supposed to, it has a circulatory system, 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers and toes. And then, an entire other human being comes out of the pregnant person! Holy cow that is amazing! After a decade of doing birth work, I am still in awe of this. I love being amazed and humbled daily.


Why I do this: Part 2

People rock! 

 I really dig people. I love getting to know their hopes and dreams. Listening to their stories unfold is half of the fun of my job. Seeing people become parents…that’s cool. Seeing VBAC moms reach down and deliver their baby and exclaim ‘I can’t believe I just did this!” or watching a giant Viking of man tear up as his baby daughter curls her finger around his for the first time, or a grandmother stroke her daughters’ hair as she labors away, that’s the good stuff there. 

And then there are the folks who have previous birth trauma or they are a marginalized group of folks (shout out to People of Color, LGTBQ families, plus-size people, poor folks) who have been left out of the current healthcare system. Excuse my French, but eff that! They deserve respect, they deserve to be heard, and they deserve to high quality midwifery care, just like everyone else. This is the coolest job in the flipping world and I am so blessed to be able to call myself a Midwife.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Master of Science in Midwifery 

Bastyr University

Licensed Midwife  (LM) 

Washington State 

Certified Professional Midwife


Clinical Herbalist