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"Naomi takes the time to really listen and then takes my story and her extensive knowledge to guide and heal."

The VCM difference

 Our products are uniquely handcrafted by Clinical Herbalist Midwives. Our love for these plants is deep rooted. While we have formally studied Botanical Medicine at Bastyr University, we understand that herbal medicine is more dynamic than just the academics. It takes years to truly understand the growing cycle of these plants, how they have been used traditionally, what their energetics are and and basically their personalities. These plants are interwoven into our lives on every level possible.

Anyone can read a recipe and make something. Our products are more than just a pretty label on a bottle. Our unique training and education as Clinical Herbalists and Midwives give us the unique ability to intuitively and clinically assess the unique needs of a woman and match them to the healing plant. 

Custom Botanical Products

Contact us to custom formulate your perfect medicine! 

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